I. What is "My Notebook" and how to work with it?
"My notebook" is a service at imoti.info that allows you to record the interesting and most important announcements for you. Registration is required in order to use "My Notebook"!

To add the ad that impressed you to your personal Notepad, you only need to click the "Add to Notepad" link. It is located at the bottom line of every ad.
When you click the link, your personal Notebook is loaded. The ad you are interested in is then added to it at the top.

You can write notes to the ads saved in "My Notebook" to remind you what impressed you about a particular ad. Enter the note in the text box at the bottom of the ad and click the "Save note" link.

If you have recorded an ad in the notebook that is no longer relevant to you, you can delete it by pressing the "Delete from notebook" button.

II. How to Post an Ad on imoti.info?
Click on "+Add Listing" and follow the instructions.

III. What is "My Filters" in imoti.info?
When searching for a "Sale" or "Rent" property in imoti.info, you set a certain filter
(Type of property, Square footage, Price, Floor, Location...).

If you think you'll search again in the future by the filter you set, you can save it. Afterwards, the saved filter will be available from the "My Filters" menu.

After that, it will only be necessary to press the button "Perform the search" against the corresponding filter.

IV. What will I receive "Notifications" for on imoti.info?
You can receive notifications:
- for published new ads matching your search filters
- to change the price of a specific ad
If you don't want to miss any newly published ad matching your search filter, press the "On-line notification" button. Choose the period and maximum number of notifications to receive. You will be notified whenever an ad matching the criteria set in this filter is published. For your convenience, the search filter will be saved in "My Filters", from where you can stop this notification, resume its action, or change the search filter.
If you wish to be informed of any change in the price of an ad of interest to you, press the button in the form of a bell /"Notice of price change"/.
The announcement will be saved in your notebook, from where you can stop receiving notifications at any time.